Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Boy has a Birthday!

Today I became the mother of a's official, I'm old!! How can it be that my baby is already a teenager? I guess time really does fly. This young man has brought me countless moments of joy. His heart is the most gentle and kind. I hope that as he continues to grow he will continue to be the honorable young man that he is today. I love you T!

Thursday, August 4, 2011


So I am turning 36 here shortly. This has prompted me to think about the last 10 months of my EPIC 35. I said prior to turning 35 that I would be doing several things to make my 35 as awesome as possible...I would like to announce I was only unfortunate enough not to have completed one thing. As for the other items: Italy, hair cutting, graduating, LSAT and family photos were all accomplished. I even accomplished several things that are on my bucket list.

So what does 36 hold in store for me? My hope is law school admission, selling our home and hopefully moving, and actually posting here more frequently. My hope is to also lose 15-20 pounds in an effort to tone up my body.

Other things happened this year that I am still processing. My Nana passed, my kids still have not stopped growing!!, my aunt is still struggling with cancer, my grandmother is finally letting her age get to her and all of my siblings have been struggling (and I can't fix everything the way I want to!) I reconnected with several friends. One friend in particular, I had not seen in 20 years, and seeing them again was GLORIOUS!! Not seeing someone for that long does not mean that you don't think of them often.

I will attempt to post a blog dedicated to my Italy trip...slow uploads make this an effort in futility some days!